LDNIO_USB_Hub (2)The LDNIO USB hub is constructed of aluminum and features one micro-USB in and seven USB-A out ports, all of which are USB 2.0 Spec.  Also included with the hub is a one meter USB-A to micro-USB cable to connect the hub to your computer as well as some product documentation.

Thanks to the USB 2.0 spec being universal this device should work on all major operating systems.  It is capable of distributing up to 500mA across all 7 ports which does not make it that great for charging devices but for adding peripherals or external drives to your computer it is perfect.  Since USB 2.0 is on its way out with USB 3.1 dominating the current market, I can only recommend this hub for people that have machines without out USB 3.

If you are interested in purchasing the LDNIO USB Hub it can be found here.

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