Kootek_Flashlights (1)The bodies of the Kootek flashlights are constructed of aluminum.  The lights have a taillight switch that can be used to cycle it through three different modes including, dim, bright, and strobe.  The head of the flashlight slides back and forth to change focus from a tight square shaped spotlight out to large circular flood light.  The light uses a Cree LED rated for 150 lumens.  The lights are IPX4 water resistant and come with a 20 month warranty.

The Kootek lights are well made and small enough to carry in your pocket or throw in a bag.  They use standard AAA batteries which is convenient as they are easy to find.  Since they use three batteries per light, be prepared to purchase 15 batteries to power all five lights.  The tail cap button is rubber coated and feels like it will hold well over time.  I compared the output of the lights to a 210 lumen light I have and the output is very similar so I believe the light is outputting its rated light.   Overall these are great lights at an affordable price.  The colored rings are a nice touch as they allow you to identify who’s they are if you have multiple people in your work area or household using them.

If you are interested in purchasing these lights they can be found here.


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