The Lixada LED Magic Ball is a small light constructed of plastic with a metal bracket that is capable of shining multiple patterns of all different colors on the walls and ceiling of a room and can even be sound activated.  Setup is easy, simply plug it in and turn it on.  It is roughly a 3in ball but can put out  quite a bit of light given its size.

When I first opened this little light, my first though was that it would not be very bright.  Thanks to efficient RGB LEDs I quickly discovered this was not the case.  It is not bright enough to be used by a professional DJ but for an armature DJ, for use in small rooms, or to use as a toy for kids, this light will not let you down.  The effects look even better when you take advantage of the sound activation as they dance to the music.  Overall I am quite pleased with this light.  My only real complaint is the packaging.  I wish that it came packaged in bubble wrap, or something to help protect it during shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing the Lixada LED Magic Ball it can be found here.

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