The Lixada LED Ground Light is constructed of plastic, stainless steel, and tempered glass.  The can portion is just over two inches wide and has a total depth of just over three inches.  The light is IP67 dust and water proof.  It features three one watt LEDs that are controlled by a constant current driver to not only protect the light but get consistent output.  The light is rated for up to 330 lumens.

Because this light will be exposed to the elements, I highly recommend having a professional or someone familiar with the electrical code for your area install this light.  That being said, installation is  simple with a typical two wire connection.  The light is built well and while I do not have the equipment to test it, I believe the rating of 330 lumens is accurate and comparable to other lights I have used rated around this amount.

Overall this light is built well and does exactly what it says.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these lights it can be found here.

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