The Ipow Pencil Sharpener has a compact design and can be powered either by four AA batteries that are not included or by a standard USB charger.  It features three different settings for sharpness, blunt, medium, and sharp.  It also features a sliding cover to keep unwanted things from getting in the sharpener and a removable cover to remove debris after sharpening a pencil.

Throughout my testing the pencil sharpener did a great job at sharpening pencils.  I like this it has a cover for the pencil opening  which is a great for keeping unwanted objects from falling in or a small child’s fingers.  I also like the fact that it can be powered by a USB charger.  This makes it possible to use the sharpener on the go by powering it with a portable cell phone charger.

Overall the Ipow Pencil sharpener is a great device with some unique features.  If you are looking for an inexpensive pencil sharpener or one that can be used on the go, I highly recommend it.  If you are interested in purchasing this sharpener it can be found here.

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