Ipow_LED_Stick_on_Lights (2) Ipow_LED_Stick_on_Lights (1)The Ipow LED Stick on Lights are constructed of plastic, are roughly two and a half inches in diameter and feature three LEDs per light.  Each light is powered by three AAA batteries that are not included so be prepared to purchase 15 batteries if you plan to use all 5 lights.  Each light comes with 3M double sided tape on the bottom and an extra piece of 3M tape is included.

Installation is as easy as pulling off the backing to the tape and sticking it where you want it.  Make sure the light is where you want it because the tape is extremely stick and will be very difficult to take off should you have to remove it.  Once the light is installed simply tap the top of it and it will turn on.  They emit enough light to use in an area that needs more light but will not light a room which is not their purpose.

Overall the Ipow stick on lights are decent.  I wish the build quality was a little better and that they did not require three batteries to power them.  Otherwise they do exactly what they say and help easily get light in spots where it is needed.  If you are interested in purchasing these lights they can be found here.


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