Parihy_BT_headphones (3) Parihy_BT_headphones (2)The Parihy Sport Bluetooth Headphones are constructed of plastic with a soft touch finish.  They are a behind the neck design and have built in adjustable ear loops.  The left side is bare other than the Parihy logo where as the right hos the logo on the outside between the mic and LED indicator, micro-USB charging port on the back, and three buttons on the bottom that consist of skip back/volume down, play/pause/answer/end, and skip forward/volume up.  The cable between the two buds is a flat design to help prevent tangling when not in use.  The headphones are IP4 rated which means they can get sweaty or rained on without you worrying about them.  Included with the headphones is a users manual, short charging cable, and four different size/style ear buds.

The packaging for the headphones is unique in that you pull a tab that pools a “drawer” out from the top of oval shaped container.  The packaging is matte black with a color picture of a woman wearing the headphones which is very eye catching.  Inside of the “drawer” is a molded plastic insert that displays the headphones and peripherals in a way that makes them look like premium devices.  The packaging is much better than you would expect at this price point.  Their is some contradictory information about the battery size in these headphones but I was able to get over eight hours of listening time out of them and stand by time will not be an issue at all.  The controls are a little awkward at first but once I got used to them I had no problem finding them and they worked with almost no delay.  The headphones also come with a one year warranty.

The sound quality of these headphones is surprisingly good.  I thoroughly enjoy the sound of these headphones.  Overall they are fairly flat with a nice bump in the upper frequencies.  The sound could be described as sparkling.  The lows are smooth, the mids clear, and highs precise.  I have listened to headphones that cost more than ten times what these that do not sound as good.  The more I listen to them the more I want to continue using them.  Even at their max volume, which is crazy loud, they remain crystal clear.  The noise canceling is better than most in ear headphones to the point that I think their is some active noise canceling being done.  Using the headphones as a headset worked well.  Throughout my testing people did not even know I was using a headset instead of my phone.  They are slightly heavy for this style of headphone, but this what not an issue once I determined the proper size bud to use combined with the ear loops.

I never thought that a sub $40 headphone would become one of my favorites, especially from a brand I had never heard of prior to trying them, but these have already replaced my current Bluetooth in ear headphones in my tech bag.  If you are interested in purchasing the Parihy PR-1 Headphones they can be found here.

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