Coocheer_Mobile_Power (2)The Coocheer CH-242 Mobile Power Bank is constructed of aluminum with a rubber bumper.  It is water resistant and has a rubber cap over its ports.  The device features a micro-USB charging port and two standard USB ports to charge devices, one of which is rated for 2.1A and the other 1A charging current.  The device also features a LED flashlight that can be turned on and off by long pressing the power button.  Pressing the power button toggles the power state of the charger and also displays the current charge level via four LED indicators.

The CH-242 is rated for 7500mAh of capacity and I was able to charge an iPhone 6s Plus almost three fill times from almost dead.  This falls right in line with the 7500mAh rating especially considering that I used the flashlight a few times.  The flashlight is not overly bright but will work in a pinch and is bright enough to light a small area.  To test the charging rate I connected a Nexus 6 and an iPhone 6s Plus to the battery through a USB multi-meter to maximize the load and get a reading of the charge rate.  The primary port is rated to charge at 2.1A but I was able to get 2.33A of current from the device.  The voltage did drop slightly with this much load but it did not prevent either device from charging.  A charging rate of 2.33A will allow you to charge even the most demanding devices such as an iPad Pro.

Coocheer_Mobile_Power (3)Overall I am very satisfied with this device.  it is built well and is water resistant.  The built in flashlight is a nice touch and having four LED charge indicators allows you to easily know how much juice is left.  If you are interested in purchasing the Coocheer CH-242 Mobile Power Bank it can be found here.

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