Coocheer_5_Port_Charger (2) Coocheer_5_Port_Charger (1)The Coocheer 5-port charger is constructed completely of plastic and features 5 standard USB ports, three of which are rated at 1A and the other two rated at 2.4A.  The charger has 1 5ft removable power cable and has thermal, over charge, and over current protection.  It also comes with a two year warranty.

The Coocheer charger is great if you need to charge multiple devices and is capable of charging at up to 8A of total current.  I tested the 2.4A ports by plugging my Nexus 6 and iPhone 6s Plus into a USB multi-meter that was connected to the charger.  With this configuration the charger was able to stay at an even 5.00V and was able to produce 2.43A which is slightly over its 2.4A spec which is great.  This is the first charger that I have tested that was able to stay at a steady 5.00V with no fluctuation no matter what I plugged into the five ports.  The stable voltage should result in steady charge speeds and less worry of your device being able to fully charge.

Overall this is a great charger.  I do wish that all of the five ports were capable of outputting 2.4A but I cannot knock it because it did exactly as advertised.  If you are interested in purchasing this charger it can be found here.

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