With LED lighting becoming more popular, the number of LED bulbs available has increased exponentially.  When I was asked to review an LF Bulb I jumped at the opportunity as I had tried many bulbs.

The LF bulb came enclosed in a cardboard box with a cutout in the middle to hold the base steady.  The packaging is nice and all the pertinent information is printed on the outside of the box.  I immediately installed the bulb in a fixture along side of one of my Cree 60w equivalent 2700K bulb to compare them.

Below, from left to right is a Cree 2700K 60W equivalent and the LF 6000K 75W equivalent.

LF_LED_Bulb (1)As you can see in the images, the LF bulb is slightly larger and more sleek than the Cree bulb.  It also puts out more light  as it draws more power and most importantly creates a more consistent light pattern.  I have tried numerous LED bulbs in my hunt for the best and the LF has the best light pattern I have seen.  I do not currently have one to test, but from memory these bulbs output a similar light pattern to the Phillips Hue bulbs, which of course are quite a bit more expensive.

Overall I am extremely happy with the LF LED bulb.  It came well packaged, is plenty bright, and outputs a nice consistent light pattern.  If you are interested in purchasing these bulbs the bulbs can be found here.

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