Qunqi_Charge_and_Sync_Dock (3) Qunqi_Charge_and_Sync_Dock (2)The Qunqi Charge and Sync dock is designed to be compatible with all iPhones that have a Lightning connector.  I found that in my testing it also works with iPads but some of the large models will cause the dock to tip backwards.  The dock is constructed of aluminum and plastic with a soft touch coating and a built in 3ft charging cable.  The lightning connector is on a pivot system that allows it change angles and depths from the back of the dock and also protrudes which should allow it to accommodate most cases.

Docking a phone on this device is very easy thanks to the pivoting Lightning connector.  Once docked the phone is very stable and can be used without issues.  The Lightning connector fits very snug which is good as it helps keep the phone stable but is bad because it makes it difficult to remove the phone.  Once docked you can actually pick up the phone and the dock will stay connected.  While I am happy that a charging cable is included, I wish they had not made it built in but provided a Lightning or micro-USB connector to be able to replace the cable with a longer one or a new one should the included cable get damaged.

Overall the dock does its job well.  It had no problem charging my iPhone 6s Plus at its full speed and it works well on my bedside table as an alarm clock.  My only real issues are that the dock is too light and the built in cable could make the dock useless should it ever get damaged.

If you are interested in purchasing the Quinqi Charge and Sync Dock it can be found here.

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