The quinqi Universal LED Taillight is a fully intergrated running, brake, and signal light.  It has a total of 33 surface mount LEDs, 12 amber for left and right signal, and 21 red for running and brake lights.  The light is water, dust, and shock resistant.  It is also capable of working in extreme cold and warm temperatures.  Because the light only draws 0.15A with all LEDs lit, it is perfect for Motorcycles or any other low power application.

The light is very easy to connect once you figure out which wire to use for each function; the light includes no directions at all.  One of the five wires is a ground and each function has its own wire, left turn, right turn, running , and brake.

Overall the Quinqi Universal LED Taillight is made well, is water, dust, and shock resistant, and fairly easy to install using the double sided tape on the back of the light.  If you are interested in purchasing this light it can be found here.

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