Goldenwide_LED_Desk_Lamp (3)Mini LED desk lamps are all the rave right now.  In a sea of small LED powered lamps that all look and function very similar, how does one set itself apart from the crowd?  Goldenwind added a clip to make theirs different.  The clip opens wide enough to mount it just about anywhere and the bottom of the clip is covered in a soft material and weighted to use it like a traditional desk lamp.  The light features three brightness modes and is rated for three to eight hours of battery life depending on which brightness level is used.  The light also features a lifetime warranty.

The Goldenwind LED Desk Lamp is very small in size and only weights 4.3oz. even with its weighted base.  I like that the neck of the lamp can be adjusted in any direction and can be done with one hand thanks to the weighted base.  I only tested the light on its highest brightness setting but I was able to get just over three hours of use from it on a full charge.  For its size, it produces a decent amount of light and works great for small work areas.  This light will not light an entire desk but that is no its intentions.

Overall the Goldenwide LED Desk Lamp is well made and functions just as you would expect.  The ability to be able to clamp it on to something makes finding a place to put it and positioning the light that much easier.  The lifetime warranty makes this light a no brainer if you are in the market for one.  If you are interested in this light it can be found here.

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