Super_Lava_LED_Light (2)The Vaincre LED Bike Light came in a molded plastic insert inside of a box with a clear window to show the light.  The packaging is OK other than the multiple spelling and grammatical errors on it.  If you overlook the spelling errors this a nice product.

The light is made mostly of plastic with metal surrounding the lens area of the light.  There is a rubber button on top of the light to turn it on and cycle through the three different modes which included bright, dim and bright flashing.  The light is rated at 300 lumen and actually appears brighter than that although I have no way to scientifically test this.  The light is made well and is water resistant which is nice.  The light comes with a mount for handlebars as well as a head strap that it can mount to.  It can also be used as a standard flashlight.

Overall the Vaincre LED light is very nice aside from its packaging.  The light is bright, water resistant, and has multiple ways to mount and use it.  If you are interested in purchasing this light it can be found here.

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