The IPOW Car Safety Tool is made mostly of plastic with some parts made of stainless steel.  The tool features a double sided glass break hammer as well as a seat belt cutter.  The seat belt cutter is recessed to prevent cutting something unintentionally.

There are a ton of these tools on the market and they are one of those items that are nice to have around but you hope to never use.  I like that the hammer portions of the tool are made of stainless which should prevent them from rusting.  I also like that the majority of the weight is at the head of the hammer.  This should help to focus all of the energy to the hammer end when swung.

Overall the IPOW Car Safety Tools are inexpensive, made well, include a mount, and are simple to use.  I recommend everyone that has a car consider buying one of these.  It very well could save your life or someone elses.

If you are interested in purchasing the IPOW Car Safety Tool, they can be found here.

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