Eezy_Breezy_Screen_Door (1)The Eezy Breezy Magnet Screen Door is a simple and inexpensive way to add a screen door to any doorway in your home.  It can be installed in openings up to 82in tall and 34in wide.  The screen is divided down the center with magnet closures that are strong enough to keep it closed until you push through it and then the magnets will snap back together.  Installation is simple using the included heavy duty tacks and/or stick on velcro.

This is a unique approach to a screen door and is much less expensive than many of the alternatives.  The screen is made of a nylon mesh and should hold up very well.  The screen door comes with a 12 month warranty.  Overall I am happy with the design and ease of install.

If you are interested in purchasing the Eezy Breezy Magnetic Screen Door it can be found here.

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