Delightime_Disco_Light (3) Delightime_Disco_Light (2)The Delightime 2-in-1 LED Disco Party Light puts a new spin, pun intended, on LED bulbs.  The body of the bulb looks like any other LED bulb, but their is a patterned lens on top of it.  Once installed turning the light on will cause it to act like a traditional bulb although some patterns in the white light may be visible.  If you turn the light off and back on, It will go into disco mode, which causes the light to become numerous colors and the lens will spin creating a disco effect.  The light is bright enough to light a small room or add to the ambiance of a large one.

The bulb is made very well, is easy to install, and even easier to use.  The white light is comparable to many other LED bulbs and the added bonus of the disco effect is really nice.  The bulb is also able to be dimmed which surprised me.  Overall I am very pleased with the light and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun bulb without having to swap them all the time.

If you are interested in purchasing the Delightime 2-in-1 LED Disco Part light it can be found here.

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