Yaarna_Bluetooth_Headset (1) Yaarna_Bluetooth_Headset (2)The Yaarna Bluetooth Headset is among many in the marketplace especially in their price range.  I have had the opportunity to try over a dozen of this style headset and I believe the Yaarna’s are my favorite so far.

The bodies of the headset are constructed of plastic and have a rubber trim around the outside.  The right earpiece is the main unit and features a plus and minus button in the rubber trim, as well as a flap that opens to allow access to the micro-USB charging port.  On the outside of the earpiece is a multi function button that is used for power, play/pause/answer/hang up, pairing, and has an LED indicator in it.  The headset includes three different size ear tips, 2 different size inner ear hooks, a travel pouch, cable clip, charging cable, and product documentation.  The included directions are the best I have seen with any of these headsets.  They are easy to follow and include color images.  The headset includes everything needed to get the proper fit and the travel pouch and charging cable are nice additions.

The earpieces are extremely light and thanks to the options available for fitment, they are very comfortable even for extended listening sessions.  Thanks to the behind the neck design, they stay out of the way whether you are relaxing on the couch or working out.  The controls are intuitive and I find the placement on the earpiece to be easier to use than the inline controllers found on many headsets of this style.  Each earpiece has nice strain reliefs just in case you do somehow snag the cable on something.  Overall the build quality is great.  The only flaw I can find is that the charging port flap is tough to get open, which in some ways is actually a good thing.

So, the headphones are built and designed well, but how do they sound?  In summery they sound great.  They have a gentle roll off at both the top and bottom of the sound spectrum with a slight bump in the mid-range.  The bass is nice and tight and the highs are sharp without being harsh.  This sound signature is non fatiguing and perfect for extended listening.  While they are not the best sounding headphones I have listened to, they absolutely dominate the low priced Bluetooth market from all the headsets I have tried.  They also get loud.  Louder than you would ever want to listen for more than a short period.  The headroom is nice to have and perfect for when you get that caller that speaks softly.  The mic in this headset works great as well.  I had no complaints from anyone I spoke to while using this headset.  Battery life is rated for four to six hours and I got over 5 hours of playback with no problem.

Overall the Yaarna Bluetooth headset is an absolute bargain, especially given that they include a three year warranty.  They have earned a spot in my headphone collection and will actually be replacing my every day carry headset in my tech bag.  If you are looking for a headset that is built well, comfortable, includes all the accessories you need, gets loud, and sounds good without breaking the bank, I see no reason to look any further than the Yaarna headset.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here,

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