VicTsing_BAC_Tester (3) VicTsing_BAC_Tester (1)The VicTsing BAC tester is one of those devices that is nice to keep around.  It literally could save yours or someone elses life.  The device is constructed entirely of plastic and includes five mouse piece covers and a user manual.  It does require two AAA batteries which are not included.  Once the batteries are installed the device is simple to use.  All one has to do is hold the only button on the device for a few seconds to turn it on.  It will then count down from 100 to warm up.  Once it has warmed up you simply blow into the mouthpiece and it will give you your BAC level.  You can then press the button to cycle through different units of measurement.  In my testing the unit it seemed to be fairly consistent.  Once your BAC level gets to a point of concern the device alerts you with loud obnoxious beeps which is a good thing.

Overall I am pleased with the performance of the VicTsing BAC Tester.  I wish the build quality was a little better but at the price point I would prefer consistency over build quality and in that sense it is the perfect bargain.  This is the perfect device to keep around if you go out drinking often or have friends that do.  As I said earlier this simple device could save your life or one of your friends.

If you are interested in purchasing the VicTsing BAC Tester it can be found here.

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