Kootek_PS4_Stand (3) Kootek_PS4_Stand (2)The Kootek VErtical PS4 stand is a jack of many trades and a master at a few.  The stand is constructed completely of plastic and is able to hold a Play Station 4, 14 games, charge two controllers, cool the system, and provides three additional USB ports.

As a stand it works very well.  The PS4 fits perfectly into the shaped area and with two fans below the system that exhaust out of the back of the stand, you will not have to worry about it overheating.  The two molded areas for the controllers hold them well but the fit is not quite as good as the mold for the system.  I like that these molded areas have micro-USB plugs in them to charge as well as store two controllers.  One USB cable that plugs into the front of the PS4 supplies the charging power for the two controllers as well as the three ports on the front of the stand.  I like that you can charge up to five devices or use one of the ports for an external drive, just remember the more ports you utilize, the slower the devices will charge.  The game holder is a convenient touch but feels a little flimsy and is not made as well as the rest of the stand.  I wouldn’t mind if they had left out the game storage area all together.

Overall this is a great stand that adds quite a bit of added features as well as freeing up some space on your entertainment stand.  The ability to store and charge controllers as well as the three additional USB ports is very convenient.

If you are interested in purchasing the Kootek stand, it can be found here.

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