Jide_Tech_Watch (3)Jide_Tech_Watch (5) Jide_Tech_Watch (4) Jide_Tech_Watch (1)The JideTech smart watch is a very inexpensive take in the ever growing market of wearable technology.  I knew before receiving it not to expect it to perform as well as my Moto 360.  That being said I was pleasantly surprised at just how much it could do at its price point.

The watch came well packaged in typical watch style box and included a short micro-USB charging cable as well as some brief product documentation.  The watch is constructed mostly of plastic with a metal bottom and the band is made of a silicone like material.  The watch should have no problem fitting most people.  If you have ever used and older Android device, the button orientation will be very familiar with three capacitive buttons across the bottom and one physical button on the right side.  The 1.48in capacitive touch display is plenty bright enough in most conditions, aside from direct sunlight.  The touch response of the display is not as good most modern touch screens but it gets the job done.

The watch feature both an analog and digital watch face.  On iOS devices you can answer and make calls through the watch as if it were a typical Bluetooth device as well as use the built in stop watch and alarm.  The capabilities are quite a bit more with an Android device as you can receive notifications from apps and utilize other basic features like finding your phone if it is in range.

While this watch will not win any awards for being the best smart watch, it does a great job of offering many of the smartwatch features in a basic device that is inexpensive.  Other than the somewhat hard to figure out interface, I really have no complaints about the device.  It was easy to pair to both my Android and iOS devices, offers most basic functions, and the batter lasted twice as long as that of my Moto 360.  If you are looking for a basic smart watch or if you aren’t sure if you would like using one, the JideTech smart watch may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are interested in purchasing the JideTech smart watch it can be found here.

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