BTC_Laser_Keyboard (1)BTC_Laser_Keyboard (2)Every once in a while I come across a product that looks like it is straight out of a science fiction movie.  The BTC Laser Keyboard is one of those products.  It is a laser projection keyboard that allows you to turn any flat hard surface into a keyboard.  It connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth just like any other keyboard.

I had low expectations on how well this device would react to my “input.”  It had no problem displaying a full size QWERTY keyboard wherever I placed it.  I was very quickly blown away by how accurate it was.  It does feel odd pressing on “keys” that do not move at all.  For the first 15 minutes or so I found my self beating my counter top with the ends of my fingers before I finally realized a gentle touch would suffice.  I was able to type pretty fast using the laser keyboard with very few issues.  It would occasionally be off by one key, but this happened so little as to not bother me.  The only real flaw with the keyboard is the obnoxious click it makes to simulate the noise of a mechanical keyboard.  While I can appreciate the feedback from the keys in the form of an audible click, it would be nice to be able to turn it down.  The loud click made the device embarrassing to use in public.

BTC_Laser_Keyboard (3)Overall the BTC laser keyboard is an amazing concept that worked surprisingly well.  While it will not replace my current keyboards, I will definitely use it as a conversation piece and to show off to friends.

If you are interested in purchasing the BTC laser keyboard it can be found here.

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