Picun_T2_Bluetooth_Headset (4) Picun_T2_Bluetooth_Headset (3)The Picun T2 Bluetooth Headset came well packed in a simple cardboard box.  Included with the headset is a removable rubber ear cushion, three different size ear buds, a micro-USB charging cable, and product documentation.

The device pairs like many devices by holding down the power button until the status LED flashes blue and red.  Once I had the device paired to my iPhone 6s Plus, I tried the different size tips and the device with and without the ear cushion until I found the combination that worked best for me.  Because the T2 has an ear bud that stick in your ear canal as well as a loop around the ear, the device fits very securely and I had no issues with it falling out.  The buttons are a little hard to figure out and it took me a while to get used to their placement and to be able to quickly tell them apart.  I wish that one of the buttons was textured to make identifying them easier.

Picun_T2_Bluetooth_Headset (2) Picun_T2_Bluetooth_Headset (1)The battery life on the T2 is rated for four hours of talk time.  In my testing the device fell slightly short of this by about 20 minutes.  Music on the T2 sounds OK, but not good enough to use this as a dedicated device to listen to music.  Sound quality during a conversation is very good, people sound crystal clear and as good as they normally would while using a phone without the headset.  The real problem with this headset is the echo heard by the person at the other end of the phone call.  With every test call the person on the other complained about hearing themselves every time they spoke.  This is unfortunate because the device did a great job of canceling out most background noise.

Overall the Picun T2 is a well made headset that unfortunately isn’t very intuitive and illustrates an unpassable amount of echo to the  person on the other end of the call.  I have a hard time recommending this headset when their are numerous other options available at this price that are better.  That being said it is nowhere near the worse headset I have used.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these headsets they can be found here.

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