Coocheer_Power_Strip (2)The Coocheer Power Strip came in a colorful sleeved box with the unit and product documentations enclosed.  The unit is roughly the size of a softball and features two standard three prong wall plugs as well as five USB ports that can provide up to a total of 40W.  This means that two devices can charge at 2.4A while three more can charge at 1A.  There is a slot in the center that works great for holding a phone or tablet while it charges.

I often times find my self with a phone that is about to die or the need to plug my laptop in while watching a movie.  The simple solution of course is to plug in the appropriate charger and let the device charge.  The problem is, the two outlets in my living room that would be ideal to use are behind my couch, which means I would have to move my couch, plug in the charger, and then move the couch back, just to repeat the steps when I am finished.  The Coocheer power strip is the perfect solution to my problem.  I leave it plugged in behind my couch and the unit stays under my couch turned off until it is needed.  Now all I have to do is slide it out from under the couch, plug my phone and laptop in and I am set.  The four foot cable is plenty long enough to pull it out quite a bit if needed and the power switch on the side of the device provides peace of mind when it is not in use.

Overall the Coocheer charger is a great device.  The four foot power cable and included switch are very practical and the ability to plug in two devices while also providing 40W of power to the five USB ports is awesome.  If you are interested in more information on this device it can be found here and it can also be purchased from here.

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