The GOINGWIN Portfolio Power Bank arrived well packed in a foam insert inside of a pull apart style box.  I love the minimalistic approach to the design of the box.  Included with the power bank is a short micro-USB cable and product documentation.

GOINGWIN_Battery (1) GOINGWIN_Battery (2)The power bank resembles a cell phone in a portfolio case except their is a battery instead of a phone.  The portfolio portion of the device is made of a faux leather that looks and feels very nice.  Their is a small magnet to hold the folio closed during storage that is covered in a silver piece of metal that looks classy.  The battery portion of the device is covered in a soft touch matte black finish.  On the top edge of the bank their is a single LED that pulses while charging the battery or blinks red when the capacity is 1-24%, green when the capacity is 25-49%, and white if the capacity is 50-100%.  I wish that had included at least one more color to give you a better representation of the charge but this is only a minor annoyance.  All of the ports for the device are on one end with one micro-USB port to charge the battery and two standard USB ports to charge two devices.  The device is rated at 2.1A and does not state if that is total or per port.  In my testing I was able to get 1.97A from a single port and a combined 3.6A while using two ports.  This is average compared to other battery banks I have tested.  The 8,000mAh rating of the battery capacity seemed to be spot on and I was able to fully charge my Nexus 6 three times. The device is roughly the size of an iPhone 6s Plus but twice as thick.  The folio stand worked better than I expected, but I am not sure how often I would actually use it.

Overall I am satisfied with the GOINGWIN power bank.  It looks nice, charges two devices simultaneously at good speeds, and has a folio stand as an added bonus. If you are interested in purchasing this power bank, it can be found here.

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