AKStore_Shaving_Bowl (2)The AKStore shaving bowl is a double walled full stainless steel bowl.  It is in the small side as far as shaving bowls go and is not much larger than my shaving brush.  This small size does have some advantages though.  Because of its small size it is much easier to hold, and also allows you to lather your soap or cream much more quickly.  I like that the bowl is double walled and has a smooth rolled edge on top.  Being double walled allows it to hold heat just by running some hot water over it before you begin shaving, making the entire experience that much better.  I also like that it has a lip on the bottom to help prevent it from sliding around.

Overall I am very pleased with the AKStore shaving bowl and would recommend it to anyone that uses shave soap or cream that needs a bowl to create the lather.  If you are interested in purchasing this shave bowl it can be found here.

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