The Kinden in ear headset come in stylish carbon fiber hard case with red zipper and the logo printed on one side.  Inside are the headset with the medium size ear buds already installed. Also included in a pouch inside the case are small ear buds, large ear buds, ear loops, and a cable clip.

Kinden_Buds (1)The earphones are constructed of metal with a knurled design and mesh on the back of them.  The small controller, cable split, and plug are all coated in plastic and feature minimal strain reliefs which could lead to problems if you are rough on your earphones.  The controller features one universal button that can be used to answer or end calls, play or pause music, skip tracks, or activate your voice assistant.  The cables are coated in a red teflon which helps prevent cable noise.  Overall the build quality is pretty good, especially it such a low price point.

These headphones claim an efficiency of 120db and a frequency response of 6-31,000HZ from their 8mm drivers.  I will start by saying these are most likely exaggerated especially since they do not show the amplitude range for that frequency response.  These drivers have a quick roll off in both the upper and lower frequencies.  If the frequency response was put on a graph it would resemble a bell demonstrating the previous mentioned upper and lower roll offs with a bump in the mid-range.  If you are looking for a flat response or big bass, these are not the headphones for you.  Where this frequency response shines is vocals in both music and phone calls, but also in long term listening.  Even at crazy high volumes their was next to no distortion, and these buds do get stupid loud, even without an amplifier.  The mic worked decently well but caused an under water type of sound at times.

Overall the build quality of the Kinden in ear headset is pretty good and while the sound signature isn’t my favorite it may be for others.  I also have to give them credit for making them so efficient and therefor making them be able to have insane output when driven from a phone.  If you are interested in this headset it can be found here.

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