VTIN_Lens_Kit (7)The Vtin 2-in-1 Lens Kit came extremely well packaged with the items in a foam insert inside of a very nice looking box.  Included with the kit are a 10X macro lens, a .42X fish eye lens, phone lens clip, carrying case, and directions.

The lenses are constructed of aluminum and have rubber accents.  The lenses also included lens caps to protect them when not in use.  Installing the lenses are extremely simple.  All that is required is screwing the lenses onto the clip and clipping the assembly over your phone camera.  Below are examples of a shot with no lens and then the same shot with the fish eye as well as an example of the macro lens.

VTIN_Lens_Kit (1) VTIN_Lens_Kit (5) VTIN_Lens_Kit (6)

Overall I am extremely pleased with the Vtin lens kit.  They are the nicest lenses I have used that are intended to use with a phone.  I was easily able to focus all shots and did not experience any distortion other than what is to be expected when using a fish eye lens.

If you are interested in purchasing this lens kit it can be found here.

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