With USB-C quickly gaining popularity, there are more and more hubs popping up for sale.  USB-C not only provides convenience but the ability to connect multiple devices to a single port utilizing one of these hubs.  I have tried a few different USB-C hubs and they all have their pros and cons.  It doesn’t help that because the technology is so new, some of the drivers can be finicky.

ORICO_USB-C_Hub (2)I had no problems getting the ORICO hub to work simply by plugging it into my Dell XPS 13 and letting Windows 10 handle the drivers.  The ORICO hub features three USB 3.0 ports as well as a card reader.  The card reader worked perfectly and performed almost as fast as my built in card reader using a SanDisk Extreme SD card.  The USB 3.0 ports charged my phone just as they should and also performed almost as fast as the built in ports on my laptop using a SanDisk Extreme Pro thumb drive.

Overall I am very satisfied with the performance and build quality of the ORICO USB-C hub and have no problem recommending it especially given its 18 month warranty and lifetime tech support.  If you are interested in purchasing this hub it can be found here.

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