The Darkiron S1 headphones came packaged in a molder plastic insert inside of a colorful retail box.  The S1s is an around the ear sport style headset.  Included with the headset are 3 different size ear tips as well as a cable clip.

Darkiron_S1_Headset (1)Proper fitment with this headset is the key to the best sound, comfort, and stability.  First I tried each of the ear tips before settling the middle sized ones.  Next I inserted them in my ears and carefully molded the ear loop around the top and back of me ear until they were comfortable and secure.  Once they are properly fitted there is no way these are accidentally falling out of your ears.  The S1s are extremely efficient and have no problem getting crazy loud when powered by a phone.  The sound of the headset is extremely laid back with a quick roll off in the lower frequencies and a big dip in the upper frequencies.  I do not prefer this sound signature but it does boost the midrange which makes this headset awesome for calls or when hearing the lyrics of a song is most important.  The microphone worked very well throughout my testing as did the universal button.  The build quality is great and the clear sheathing with braided red conductors over a black core looks awesome with the red plastic bodies of the headset.

Overall the Darkiron S1s are built well and fit amazing but I do not prefer the sound.  I believe they would be best suited for workouts or for phone calls.  If you are interested in the S1s they can be found here.


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