Darkiron_NB_Headphones (2) Darkiron_NB_Headphones (1)The Darkiron N8 headset came packaged in a simple two tone box with a picture on the front and product information on the back.  The only items in the box are the headset and some product documentation.  The headset is an around the ear style with in inline microphone and controller.  They are constructed of plastic with PU leather ear cups and headband.  The pair I ordered came in black and red but other color combinations are available.

Darkiron_NB_Headphones (5)The headset is extremely light.  The low weight combined with the big soft ear cups make them very comfortable even when wearing for extended periods.  The large soft ear cups also help with noise cancellation which is actually pretty good for an around the ear headphone.  The cable has a thick sheathing on it with nice strain relieve at the headphones and at the 1/8th in plug.  I wish they had included strain reliefs at both sides of the controller as well, but this area should not experience much strain during normal use.  The controller features a microphone, volume slider and multi-function button.

Darkiron_NB_Headphones (3)The headset is efficient enough to not require an amp when using them with a phone.  Thanks to their efficiency they have no problem getting very loud.  Sound quality is surprisingly good at this price point.  Their is a slight roll off at the bottom of the low end and a slight boost in treble.  I with they had a little more low end but overall I enjoyed the sound signature of these headphones.  The sound was not fatiguing either.  I had no issue using these for hours at a time other than them becoming hot, but any headphones with leather pads or cups will be this way.  The multi-function button and volume slider work just as expected.  I also had no issues using the headset to make calls.

Overall the Darkiron N8 headset is awesome, especially at their current price.  If you are interested in purchasing this headset, they can be found here.

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