Anypro_Car_Jump_Starter (2)The Anypro Car Jump Starter is one of the most complete portable jump starting kits I have used.  The main unit houses a 15,000mAh battery and includes, jump starting cables, car charger, home charger, micro-USB cable, eight different laptop charging tips, laptop charging cable, and product documentation all of which is bundled in a hard zipper case.

Anypro_Car_Jump_Starter (3) Anypro_Car_Jump_Starter (4)The main unit has two USB ports that are capable of charging up to 2.1A which they both had no problem doing.  I was able to charge my Nexus 6 and iPhone 6s Plus simultaneously from almost dead three full times and I still had a little juice left.  The unit also has a charging port for laptops which I tried briefly and it does indeed work.  It also has a flash light that can stay on solid, flash rapidly, or flash SOS.  It also has an amber flashing light.

Anypro_Car_Jump_Starter (5)The most important feature of this device is its ability to start a car.  I have been having issues with the charging system in my VW Golf and got to use this device to start it numerous times.  I was able to start the car six times over the course of nine days and it still reeds half full.  Using it as simple as plugging the cables in, connecting them to the battery, holding the power button for three seconds, and starting the car.

I have been extremely satisfied with the Anypro Car Jump Starter and recommend that everyone buy one to have in case of an emergency.  It allows you to start your car should the battery die, use the lights to warn people that you are working one your car on the side of the road, alert people by the SOS signal if you are stranded and you can charge your electronic devices in a pinch to reach safety.

If you are interested in purchasing the Anypro Car Jump Starter, it can be found here.


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