Alisten_6_Port_Charger (3) Alisten_6_Port_Charger (1)The Alisten 6 port charger is unique in that one of its ports is a USB-C port.  The charger is constructed of plastic and is roughly 4in X 3in X 1in.  It is rated at 7A of total charging power which I found to be true throughout my testing.  It is also rated to provide up to 2.4A to any one single port which I also found to be true.  Overall the charger worked exactly as describe and I had no problems with it at all.  One thing to consider when buying this is that it does not do any form of fast charging and the USB-C port is only capable of charging at standard USB rates and not USB-C spec.

If you are looking for a charger to charge multiple devices this may just fit the bill.  If you are looking for a charger that will charge at USB-C specs, I would look elsewhere.  If you are interested in purchasing this charger it can be found here.

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