Jayfi_Earbuds (2)The Jayfi JA10 Headphones came packaged in a simple, yet professional, drawer style box. Sliding open the drawer reveals the headphones set in a foam cutout. Included under the foam are a set of foam ear tips in a case, two more sizes of rubber ear tips, a cable clip, ear loops, a carrying case, and product documentation.

The body of the headphones are constructed of aluminum and feel very nice. The cable sheathing is clear to reveal the woven copper wires inside which looks great. Strain reliefs at all locations are ample which should make these headphones pretty tough. I like that they included a sliding cable stop just above the cable split to adjust the fit of the cable. The connector is gold plated which should help it to hold up to the elements. Overall the look and feel of the headphones is very nice and most people would think they cost much more than they do.

Jayfi_Earbuds (3)I tried the headphones with both the foam tips and the rubber tips. Although the foam tips provided more isolation, I prefer the long term comfort of the rubber tips. I first started by listening to streaming music on my iPhone, then the same source and songs on my Nexus 6, then tried both devices with a C-Moy headphone amp and finally high quality Flac files from my Dell XPS13. I did this to see how well the headphones worked on a broad range of devices. The JA10s are extremely efficient and do not need an amp when using them on a mobile device although an amp never hurts. Sound over all was fairly flat with a slight dip in mid range and a slow roll off in the upper frequencies. Bass was very nice and boomy but never overwhelming. This sound signature should appeal to most people. As stated, the headphones are extremely efficient and get plenty loud even without an amp.

Overall the Jayfi JA10 headphones are an awesome set of earbuds, especially at the current Amazon price. They sound and look great and will have no problem competing with headphones that cost quite a bit more.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of these headphones they can be found here.

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