LucidBRAKE (2)The LucidBRAKE Supreme is one of many available bicycle lights on the market.  What makes it different from the rest is its ability to not only act as a light, but a brake light as well.  With an awesome build quality and simple design, LucidBRAKE has been able to create a bicycle light that is way ahead of the game compared to the other available lights.

LucidBRAKE (5) LucidBRAKE (4)The light came well packed in a colorful, clear plastic package.  The light itself is roughly a three inch octagon made entirely of plastic, short of the electronics.  With two AAA batteries installed, the light only weighs 2oz. Installation is as simple as sticking a piece of velcro to the area you want the light, and sticking the light to the velcro.  I was skeptical at first if this would be strong enough to hold the light, but after a few rides I am confident that it works just fine.

To test the light I installed it on the handlebars of my road bike and went for a ride.  This made it easy for me to see not only if and how well the light worked, but how fast or slow its reaction time was.  What I quickly discovered was that the light just works, extremely well.  The reaction time of the light is so fast that by time I hit the brakes and glanced down it was already a bright solid red.  This was happening so quickly I had to question if the light was predicting my moves, which of course it wasn’t, it just worked that well.  The next test was to lean my bike against a sign and walk away from it to see how bright the light is in the middle of a sunny day.  The light did better than I expected but of course it was still tough to over power the sun.  In low light conditions or at night the light is easily visible for a half mile.

My favorite part of the light is just how simple the whole idea is and how well it works.  I love the fact that all I have to do is jump on my bike and start moving for it to turn on.  When I am done I just put my bike away and the light turns off.  Installation is simple, installing the batteries is simple, using it is simple, and it’s even waterproof.  The light is so easy and it just works.  I can not recommend this product enough and in my opinion every bike should come with one already installed.  LucidBRAKE has done a phenomenal job creating a light that stands out among the crowd and will be tough to beat.  I can only hope their next model uses surface mount LEDs to reduce size and increase efficiency even more.

If you are interested in purchasing a LucidBRAKE or would like more information it can be found here.

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