ORICO_Drive_Enclosure (3)The ORICO portable drive enclosure came well packed in a colorful sleeved box.  Included is the flat black soft touch enclosure, two foam pads, a USB-A 3.0 to micro-USB 3.0 cable, and product documentation.  The enclosure is very compact and not much bigger than the 2.5″ by 9mm or 7.5mm drive it is designed to house.  The included foam pads are stick on one side and can be used to better secure a thin drive. The case utilizes a NS1066 controller which is rated at up to 5GBps.

Installing a drive is as simple as sliding the bottom of the enclosure off, sliding the drive into the connector, installing the foam pads as needed, and sliding the bottom of the enclosure back on.  With a Samsung 850 PRO SSD in this enclosure I was able to get just under 500MBps sequential read and writes and just over 200MBps random read and write speeds.  I have a few external enclosures and this one seemed to fall right in the middle as far as performance goes, and is the easiest enclosure I have to install a drive.

ORICO_Drive_Enclosure (3)Overall I find this enclosure to be very nice.  It is well built, looks nice, and performs well.  I do wish they had included a longer cable, but these cables are easy to find on the internet to purchase.  If you are interested in purchasing this enclosure, it can be found here.

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