The FitOverdose bottle is a double walled stainless steel bottle designed to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 24 hours.  It has a matte black soft touch finish with a while logo which gives it a bold look.  The bottle was designed to be comfortable to hold and small enough to fit into a car cup holder.  The bottle also includes a removable stainless diffuser.

Fit_Overdose (2)I love the look of the matte black with white logo.  The design is nice and the bottle does an awesome job keeping beverages cold for an extended period.  The removable diffuser is also very well made and thought out.  Unfortunately the bottle I received had two spots where the finish was coming off right out of the box.  I contacted the seller over a week ago with no response and because of this, I recommend looking elsewhere for a stainless bottle.

If for some reason you are still interested in this bottle it can be found here.

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