Cable_Simplify (2) Cable_Simplify (1)The Cable Simplify Retractable Charging cable may be on of the most convenient cables I have ever come across.  It is roughly 6in long while coiled and 3.3 feet when fully retracted.  It features  Apple 30 pin, micro-USB, micro-USB 3.0, and Lightning connectors at one end and a USB 2.0 type-A connector at the other.  The only connector missing is USB Type-C and this would be the ultimate charging cable.  I do wish they had made the head end USB 3.0 so that the micro-USB 3.0 connector could be fully utilized when transferring data.  The cable is well made and had a tangle free flat design as well as decent strain reliefs.  I had no problem using this cable to charge every device I tried.

If you are interested in the Cable Simplify charging cable, it can be found here.

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