iClever_USB_C_Hub (2)The iClever USB-C Hub came well packed in a colorful box.  Included with the hub is product information.

The exterior of the hub is constructed almost entirely of aluminum as is the casing of the USB-C connector.  The cable from the connector to the hub feels well made and is fairly flexible.  The hub features the USB 3.0 type A plugs as well as a USB-C pass through.

iClever_USB_C_Hub (3)iClever_USB_C_Hub (4)I tested the hub with my Dell XPS 13 and no issues with device discovery, file transfers, or device power and charging.  Each USB 3.0 port is rate at 1A which was spot on in my testing.  I like that iClever also provides a USB-C pass through in case you need additional ports or devices.  I also like that the attached cable is short enough to keep it compact for storage but but long enough that I can move the hub out of the way after plugging it in.

Overall I am very satisfied with the appearance, durability, and performance of the iClever USB-C Hub.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these hubs they can be found here.

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