The CTA Digital Display Monitor Mount came well packaged in a colorful retail box.  All parts are made of aluminum or a hard plastic.  Also included are directions to assemble the arm and mount it to your monitor.  If your monitor has a recessed VESA mount, like most Dells, they included spacers to accommodate this.

CTA_Digital_Tablet_Mount (4) CTA_Digital_Tablet_Mount (3)The installation of the arm was pretty easy and most people will have no issues getting it mounted.  It actually took me longer to adjust the arm to where I wanted it, than it did to assemble and install it.  One thing to consider before purchasing this mount, my monitor stand allows me to rotate my monitors to a portrait view.  The mount with a tablet on it is enough weight to make the monitor want to turn.  To overcome this had to torque down on the lock for monitor and then tightly slide my two monitors together to prevent the one with the tablet mount from turning.  This is not a big deal because I was able to fix it, but something to consider if your mount does not have some form of a rotation lock.  Also, the tablet mount is sturdier than my monitor mount.  If I try to tap the screen, and do it too hard, my monitor mount will flex enough that the tablet and monitor shake.  This is no fault of the CTA mount, but a sign that I need to get a better monitor mount.

CTA_Digital_Tablet_Mount (1)Overall the CTA Tablet mount is a very nice product.  It is made well, allows for plenty of mounting adjustments, and should accommodate most situations and all but the overly large tablets.  If you are looking for a way to mount your tablet near your monitor, this may be the perfect solution for you.

If you are interested in this mount, it can be found here.


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