Omaker_Mini_BT (1)The Omaker W4 Bluetooth speaker came well packaged in a simple looking box.  Included with the speaker is a well made and nice looking mesh bag, a one foot micro-USB charging cable, a small carabiner, and users manual.

The speaker is incredibly small.  It is just slightly bigger and double the weight of a golf ball.  The speaker fires upwards with the Omaker logo on one side and power button and charging port on another.  It is constructed mostly of plastic with rubber edges and corners with a plastic loop at one corner for the carabiner to attach.  It is a very simple design that works well.

Omaker_Mini_BT (4)Pairing the speaker to my phone was as simple as any other bluetooth device.  The single button design is both good and bad.  It makes the device easy to use but limites functionality as the single button can play, pause, power on and off, but can not skip tracks.  Given its size though, it is only fair for it to be missing a button or two to skip tracks.  Playback from the speaker is ridiculously loud given its tiny size.  This little speaker is louder than many I have used that are four times its size.  It easily fills a medium sized room with sound.  That being said, it would be fine for a small gathering but of course will not be loud enough for a party or anything of the sort.  The sound quality is also much better than expected.  It stays crystal clear to about 80% volume, after which their is only minor distortion as the 40mm driver tries its best to create bass.  Unfortunately this is where physics limits the speaker.  Because of its small size and low weight, the speaker will actually “walk” across a table at high volumes, again demonstrating how powerful this little guy is.

Omaker_Mini_BT (2)Overall I am extremely happy with this little speaker.  It has replaced my current bluetooth speaker in my gear bag and will be a tough one to beat.  At the current Amazon price this is an absolute steal.

If you are interested in purchasing the Omaker W4 it can be found here.

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