MedPal-Thermometer (5) MedPal-Thermometer (4) MedPal-Thermometer (3)The MedPal Infrared Thermometer comes with a storage case, batteries, and detailed product documentation.  Setup was a breeze and using it is even easier.  Simply point the thermometer at your temple area about an inch away and press the button.  There is also an option to have it speak the temperature that can be toggle off or on.

Throughout my use of the thermometer I found it to be pretty accurate.  While the more traditional methods may be more accurate, infrared is much faster and I found it to be within a few tenths which is close enough to determine whether you have a fever and how severe it is.  I like the fact that it includes a case although it is on the bulky side.  The included directions are detailed and should included all the information you would want.

MedPal-Thermometer (2) IMG_0457I really like this thermometer and it has found a permanent spot in my medicine drawer.

If you are interested in purchasing the MedPal Infrared Thermometer it can be found here.

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