iOgrapher (2) iOgrapher (3) iOgrapher (4) iOgrapher (5)The iOgrapher Film Making Kit came packaged in a beautiful, folio style box that is covered in pictures and product information.  Well packaged inside you can find a film case, 2X telephoto lense, .45X wide angel lens, and product documentation.

The case is made entirely of plastic but feels quite solid.  It fits the phone so tight that I had to force my phone in it because I have a skin applied.  Keep this in mind when ordering one, it will damage your skin.  That being said, because of the precise fit, the lenses fit perfectly on the case.  The case accepts 37mm lenses, so you can use the ones provided, or purchase other ones yourself.  The case also adds handles to the ends of the phone to add stability while recording video.  I was skeptical that the handles would help much, but they actually help quite a bit.  The case also adds the ability to mount the phone to a tripod in either landscape or portrait mode and also has mounting points for accessories, such as a flash or microphone.

iOgrapher (6)The included lenses are probably the most commonly used lens styles with a phone.  the wide angel lens will allow you to capture quite a bit more in your frame.  It is not the widest angel lens I have used on a cell phone but is a happy medium and produced photos of the same quality as not using a lens.  The lens also did not produce any dark corners or distortion around the edges like many other cell phone lenses do.  As for the telephoto lens, I had a similar experience.  While it does add some zoom to your frame, it is not a drastic amount.  Quality remained the same just like using the wide angel lens.

Overall I think this is an awesome kit and should help anyone that relies on their phone for taking photos or videos quite often.  The lenses are decent quality and produce good quality photos.  The case aids in more stable videos and photos and also adds the ability to add accessories.  I do wish the kit cost a little less, but if you were to buy the pieces separately it would cost more than the asking price.  If you are looking for a great lens kit I highly recommend this over most of the alternatives available.  This kit has found a spot in my gear bag and I plan to use it quite a bit going forward.

If you are interested in the iOgrapher Film Making Kit it can be found here.

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