Evo_Power_Portable_Charger (3)The Evo Power 2200mAh Portable Charger came packaged in a standard blister pack.  Included is the portable charger with built in micro-USB cable, lightning adapter, and brief product documentations.  The charger is advertised as an emergency charger, and should be used as such.  If you have a device with a large battery, 2800mAh or larger, this will not even begin to charge your device until you are below ~50%.  The charger itself is made of plastic and the overall quality is just OK, although I had no issues carrying it daily in my back pocket.

Evo_Power_Portable_Charger (2)Using this portable charger to charge my Nexus 6, I was able to get a ~30% bump when charging from almost dead.  From 90% the charger would cut off almost immediately.  This is because it is only about 60% of the capacity of the battery in the Nexus 6.  This is exactly what I would expect from a 2200mAh portable charger.  I really like that it has a built in cable and a place to store the micro-USB to lightning adapter.

These portable chargers are nice to have around and this one is small enough to stick in a wallet or your pocket.  If you are looking for a compact portable emergency charger, this may just fit the bill.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these, they can be found here.

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