Accmart_Microphone (2)The Accmart Studio microphone arrived well packed with each piece in a molded foam insert.  Included with the microphone is a XLR to 1/8″ audio cable, a shock mount, a wind filter, and brief instructions.  The only downside I found with the packaging were all of the typos on the box, but at this price point that was quickly overlooked.

Accmart_Microphone (3)After mounting the microphone in the shock mound and installing the wind filter, both of which were easy, I installed the cable and plugged it into my iPhone to test it.  Using the iPhone as the recording device resulted in decent quality but very low recording volumes.  I assumed this may be due to the low power of the iPhone and tried the mic on my computer next.  I currently use a Blue Yeti microphone on my computer which is know to produce great quality recordings.  Compared to the Yeti, the Accmart mic produced slightly lower recordings with not quite as good of quality.  Of course this is not a fair comparison as the Yeti costs significantly much more money.  That being said the Accmart did an outstanding job when you consider the cost.

Accmart_Microphone (4) Accmart_Microphone (5)If you are a musician on a budget, or a YouTube newbie looking to take the next step to better recordings, this mic could be the perfect start.  Overall I am impressed by the quality of the microphone and at the quality of the recordings given the price.  If the put a little more effort in their packaging to correct the typos it may be the perfect budget microphone.

If you are interested in purchasing an Accmart Studio Microphone it can be found here.

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