The Ozasm Bluetooth Headset came packaged in a simple box with a transparent window, laid inside of a molded piece of plastic.  Included with the headset is a 3ft micro-USB charging cable, 3 different size ear pieces, and product documentation.

Ozasm_BT_Headset (5)The headset is a neck band style made up of a flexible band with a controller at each end.  At the tips of the band the ear buds clip on via magnets for easy storage when not in use.  The ear buds are standard in design and provided you use the correct ear piece, fit very well.  On the left side of the band their is a call/end button on top, volume controls on the outside, and on the inside you will find a microphone, power switch, and charging port which has a removable cover.  On the top of the right side is a play/pause button, and on the outside are forward/back buttons.

Ozasm_BT_Headset (4)I had never used this style of headset was a new experience for me.  It took me a few times using them to get used to the controls but ever since then I have fell in love with these headphones.  The controls once I got used to them make sense and are fairly easy to find especially compared to other styles of Bluetooth headsets.  I really like the fact that I can wear this headset with a collard shirt and when not in use, people can not even tell I have them on.  Connecting them to my phone was as easy as any other Bluetooth device.  All controls worked on both my iPhone 6s Plus and Nexus 6.  The sound quality for this headset, at it’s price point, is quite surprising.  Other than a slight bump in mid range and the usual upper and lower roll off on most inexpensive devices, they sound great.  The bump in mid range is actually nice for phone calls and listening at low levels as it makes it easier to hear most lyrics.  This headset also gets louder than most and should be enough to satisfy even the most demanding listeners.  The mic worked very well, people on the other end never complained about the sound quality or not being able to hear me.

Ozasm_BT_Headset (3) Ozasm_BT_Headset (2)I was hesitant to try this style Bluetooth headset, but after using the Ozasm headset, they have found a spot in my gear bag and are now used daily.  With easy to use controls, a good mic, extreme loudness, sound quality that is plenty good for casual listening, aptX compatibility, and dual device connect, I have no problem recommending these.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here.

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