The 1byone Wireless Charger came packaged in a sleek and professional looking box.  Included with the charger is a ~5ft micro-USB cable, and product documentation.

1byone_Wireless_Charger (2)The device is quite small and extremely slim.  Thanks to its slim design and its black/chrome color scheme it looks very moderns and sleek, and should fit in with just about any decor.  This charger works just like any other Qi charger.  Simply provide power using and USB charger and the included cable, then set your Qi compatible phone on top of the charger.  I tested the charger with my Nexus 6 and Nexus 7, both of which worked just as expected.  The color LED indicator lights are bright enough to see ac across a room, but no so bright that they light the entire room at night.  The color scheme is also easy to remember, red means the device is ready to use, blue means it is charging, and both colors mean the phone is fully charged.

Overall the 1byone Wireless charger is a very nice looking device that works well and also includes a one year warranty.  If you are in the market for a wireless charger I would give this one a look.

If you are interested in purchasing this device it can be found here.

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