The Keweier Bluetooth Speaker came packaged poorly in an extremely thin box in a molded plastic insert.  Included with the speaker is an aux cable, micro-USB charging cable, and instruction booklet.  The speaker is made of metal and plastic, and coated in a silicon like material.  All ports and buttons are covered aiding in the IP67 rating.  The IP 67 rating means it is completely dust proof and can handle being completely submerged in water up to one meter deep.

Keweier_BT_Speaker (2)Overall the speaker is constructed very well and has had no problem living in my shower for a few weeks, all off of the initial charge I should add.  The sound quality has been quite impressive.  It is not the best sounding speaker, but for its size and cost, its sounds darn good.  It even has some audible bass which is tough for a speaker this small.  There is very little distortion emitted form this speaker up until about 80% volume, and then depending on the song some distortion can be heard.  That being said, 80% volume is extremely loud in the shower, to the point that it is not enjoyable.  In a larger space the distortion is not as easy to hear and should not be an issue except for an audiophile or the most picky of listeners.

Overall this is an awesome little speaker that has found a permanent home in my shower.  I highly recommend this speaker looking for anyone in the market for a small waterproof speaker.

If you are interested in this speaker it can be found here.

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