Havit_FM_Transmitter (4)Havit_FM_Transmitter (3)The HAVIT FM Transmitter came very well packaged inside a simple looking box with a nice looking sleeve over it.  The only thing included with the transmitter is product information and instructions.  The device has many features including phone and music controls, a built in mic for hands free calling, two charging ports, and an adjustable neck to position the device based on your charging port.

Havit_FM_Transmitter (2)The HAVIT FM transmitter was extremely easy to set up.  Once plugged in and an FM channel was selected on the device and my radio, I paired my phone to it just like any other bluetooth device.  Once my phone was paired I could stream music and control it from the transmitter.  This was very convenient because after the initial setup I could stream music without ever removing my phone from my pocket.  Sound quality was as good as you can expect over FM radio and I had no problems with interference or anything once I found a clear FM station.  The two charging ports are a nice bonus and both charged at their rated amperage.

Overall this is a nice FM transmitter that I have no problem recommending to anyone.

If you are interested in the HAVIT FM transmitter it can be found here.

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