The Apexel 3 in 1 Lens Kit includes a clip to secure the lens to the phone, a 180* fish eye lens, a wide angle lens, a macro lens, and a carrying pouch.  The kit came well packed in a compact box.  The lenses are made of metal and glass and seem to be constructed pretty well.  The macro lens had a trim ring that came loose after some use but it had no effect at all on the performance.  The clip to secure the lenses is made of a hard plastic with metal threads insert which should hold up to normal use with no issue.

Apexel_Lens_Kit (2)The fish eye lens is spec’ed at 180* and does pretty close to that.  Like with all fish eye lenses I have used, you do get dark spots in the corners and some distortion around the edges of the image.  The wide angle lens shows about 30% more of the image left to right with little to no distortion even at the extreme edges.  The macro lens works like fish eye in that it allows you to take extreme close ups but will cause some distortion around the edges and corners.

Overall this is a nice kit for someone looking to get more from their cell phone camera.  The carry pouch makes it easy to carry around and it should hold up to some abuse.  If you are interested in this lens kit it can be found here.

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